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We have another pack of caged tushy videos just for you today. These two sexy gals got in a fight on the street and some local police officers picked them up and brought them to the 21sextreme station for the night. Since they didn’t have much to do, they seemed to make up, and get along fine after a while. And then they started to kiss which led to them taking of their clothes. These two horny sluts actually started to have some hot lesbian sex in the cell to pass the time. One hot cagedtushy update for everyone!

Free Caged Tushy Videos

Hey there! we have some fresh new free caged tushy videos for you this week. Ellie found herself in a glovemansion jail for a day due to a technicality of the system. And you can bet she isn’t pleased about that one bit. Since she raised hell after a while of waiting, the jailer would give her something to mumble about for the rest of the 24 hours she was suppose to serve. So go to and see the jailor using her gun for a deep anal search to the horror of our inmate.

See this jailer using her gun for doing an anal search!

CagedTushy Galleries

For this update’s cagedtushy galleries we have a hot lawyer that came to represent an inmate. Little did she know she’d be in for a surprise when the guard told her to strip for an cruel mistresses examination. See every inch of this hot blonde’s body get examined in detail as the female guard checks her tight holes for any hidden objects.


 See this hot blonde undressed and humiliated in prison!

Free Caged Tushy Porn

This week we have some very hot free caged tushy picture galleries. The cops picked up a groups of cheerleaders like kinky Jo for drunk driving after a big game at which they performed. They did make a ruckus when they were at the local jail for the night, and one of the female officers decided to teach them a lesson so they would shut up. So she had them strip naked and since she was alone she made them do full body cavity checks on each other. If you want to see these hot girls examining closely their tight wet holes go to and see them finger each other’s tight asses.


 Watch this cutie getting undressed for a full cavity search!

Vanessa Gets Arrested

So it seems caged tushy Vanessa is at her 4’th week in a row getting arrested. The officer is sick and tired to deal with this inmate every week so she decides to teach her a painful fingering lesson. She forced her to get naked after witch she proceeded to check her cavities in a shameful pussy fisting examination. So don’t wait anymore, go and see that cagedtushy get penetrated by that officer’s experienced finger, and see Vanessa have her pussy and asshole stretched to her humiliation.

blonde babe gets arrested and abused

 See as this prostitute gets an anal cavity search in prison!

CagedTushy – Nicole

This update’s cagedtushy is Nicole which she’s not at her first offense. And the guards here know her all to well. She and her gorgeous friend Bobbi Starr have been arrested numerous time for shoplifting but due to good behavior she always was set free. But this time it’s serious and the officer told her she’d have to do more than just promise not to steam again. And well….She did. She took out his cock and stared blowing him off, to his joy. She then allowed him to pound her pussy and for a great finish she took his cock back in her mouth to take all of his load. Great caged tushy update!

slutty-prisoner-giving-heard kinky-prisoner-getting-fucked

See this slutty prisoner gettin fucked by the prison guard!

Caged Tushy Porn

We have another great update for everyone. In this caged tushy porn session Tiffany was taken down to the station for breaking an entry. She’s an honor student, but she’s about to fin out that even one little crime can net you hard time. So she is stripped naked by the female officer at first and then her tight holes are stretched to their limits, in this great anal fisting scene! Weirdly enough she proves to be a real slut as the anal fingering turns her on and she starts to beg the officer to finger her harder. Don’t wait any longer go to and see her get her tight holes fingered until this little slut can’t take it anymore.

horny-blonde-gets-arrested hot-blonde-gets-fingered

Watch as this prisoner gets her asshole searched!

Naughty Caitlin

Naughty caged tushy Caitlin found herself in prison for the night for some drunk driving. The guard saw how hot the chick looks and decided to help her if she’d help him. So he said that if she’s willing to have sex with him, she’d get out immediately with only a warning. After some initial refuses she went through with it and fucked him in exchange for her freedom. For similar videos and picture galleries check out hairytwatter website. Enjoy!


 See this busty babe giving a blowjob to the prison guard!

CagedTushy – Amanda

Well shoplifting has its downsides, namely for starters you might get arrested. So today cagedtushy Amanda was caught doing just that plus being intoxicated in public. So our female police officer made sure to teach her and her body anal stretching lesson they won’t soon forget. She inserted her fingers deep in her pussy, and then had her bend that caged tushy over for her to insert it into her tight blonds ass hole! She got an head to toe examination for her bad attitude.

sexy blonde gets her asshole fingered

 Watch this hot blonde getting abused behind the bars!

Caged Tushy – April

April had the misfortune to get arrested and be this week’s caged tushy. Once inside her cell, she started causing a ruckus , cursing at the cops and yelling. So one male guard decided to teach that cagedtushy a lesson in respect. So he went in and had her strip for a strip search after which he put his glove on for a deep anal search. But instead of learning her lesson, seems she just got more and more turned on, until she just begged him to take his cock out and fuck her. If you liked this video update, come inside and find similar content! Bye!


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